Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Hav e startted withe the vodica and toni c and thaking the day off from exsercise.

Did an easy pace 3 milr ystredeay, then one-half of the P90X Armys & Shouders, thne topped it offf withe The ab Ripper. Som sorness today in my wright knee, but on pain ar srnoeess know. Party at tha convalescent centre starts at 9;00. Cant wiat, in fact i wont.

Got to go ease tonite, got a 45 moment temper run tommorroww an anohter av rppier.

I hop u all hve a very merry newt yearrs.


Missy said...

Happy Festivus to you too! Any clear liquor + tonic = delicious. Now, it is time to recover on the sofa. I don't bounce back like I used to!

Wes said...

Happy New Year, Ron! I had champagne and gin and tonic AND still managed to meet my calorie goals for the day. Rock on!!! :-)

Lana said...

Happy New Year Ronnie! Did your phone ever come back to life? I dropped mine in my coffee one morning on my way to work and it came back to life after drying it out. Coffee smells better than poop, though.

Michele said...

so much for taking it easy!!! When you getting today's run in????