Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Got in a 40 minute tempo run this morning. 10 minute warm-up, 20 minutes at 8:30 pace, then 10 cool down. Lots of dogs during the cool down. All are friendly. The pic (top right) is a Scottie that started raising hell until I called him Scottie and he shut-up and acted like we were best buds. I don't know, maybe his name is Scottie. The dark pic is a dog that ran up and began jumping on my legs from behind. I said, "NO!!! SIT" and he sat immediately. I bent, pointed at him and started to say something when he put his paw in my hand to shake. Pretty cool so I had to take a pic, and then the pic didn't turn out good.

Not much else happened so I'll tell about a conversation with a friend. Alcohol might have been involved. You decide.

I asked the question, "What would you rather be able to do, fly, or become invisible?" I could see wheels in the brain turning as the electrical impulses passed from one tiny synapse to another. Finally he asked, "Could I be invisible and then visible when I want?"


"What about my clothes, will they be invisible? I don't want to have to go everywhere naked because what if when I get there I want to become visible again. I'd be naked."

"Sure, your clothes can be invisible too."

"What about luggage, like golf clubs? I could sneak out on any golf course and play if my clubs were invisible."

"Whatever you want to take you can make it invisible."

"When I fly do I have to flap my arms like a bird?"


"You mean I could fly like Superman?"


"That would be cool."

"So fly or invisible?"

Wheels and impulses.

He finally says, "I think I'd rather have a big dick."


Missy said...

Holy crap, that's hilarious...really alcohol was involved, I'd never have guessed? You had a whole crew of dogs with you, jeeze.

Jill said...

I think you've become a dog hurder. Here's a prediction for you -

If you find yourself, home alone, with more than 3 dogs, some type of alcohol and you're wearing running gear or a bathrobe...you might just be a dog hurding fool. There. Well, by the tales in this post - you may have all of those down.

Ha ha ha ha.

You're one funny guy! Keep an eye on those dogs and tell your friend girls don't like those big things.