Monday, December 22, 2008


I began the Hal Higdon training yesterday. Starts with an easy 3 miles keeping the heart rate between 65-75%. I figured 135 bpm would do but I had a hard time going slow enough. It was cold with about a 20-30 mph wind. I just wanted to get finished.
Mile 1 slow
Mile 2 slow
Mile 3 slow

The plan called for 6 hills today so I went into town for Jail Hill. It's about a 1/4 mile run and pretty steep.
Hill 1 2:23
Hill 2 2:18
Hill 3 2:12
Hill 4 2:08
Hill 5 2:06
Hill 6 1:51

That last hill was at a 7:46 pace and a max heart rate of 183. On the 1-10 Suck Wind Scale it was a 9.

My cell phone was laid to rest today. Stood from the toilet, pulled the pants up, and everything came up except the phone that went down. I wasn't lucky enough for it to bounce off the rim. It hit nothing but net. Michael Jordan couldn't have slam dunked any smoother. I may have saved it from its death at sea but I hesitated. What would you have done? It was just lying there with the paper and poop, and I seem to remember saying, "OH SHIT"--- how appropriate. Then I plunged, but alas, to late. I have heard that proper dying techniques can save phones so it is now lying on one of the heat vents with its battery next to it. Even if I do save it I don't know if I can ever sanitize it good enough.


Missy said...

And you could never pick up the phone again without thinking about the shitphone an want to put it right next to your face.

Jill said...

So, if you do keep the phone and you call me...I can now officially say, "I'm talking to shithead."

Go ask Santa Michele for a new cell...

PS That's what is called "dropping off the kids at the pool."