Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Got home from work yesterday and it wasn't raining at the time so I changed quickly and took off for 4 miles. No one on the road except me and a short, round women that lives somewhere in the area and has began to walk. She has been walking a lot lately and I'm proud of her. She always carries a walking stick and was walking yesterday wearing a Glad bag and one of those umbrella hats. If was funny and I would have taken a pic but I didn't take a camera due to the chance of rain.

I had a good run. Faster than usual.

Mile 1 9:16
Mile 2 8:51
Mile 3 8:55
Mile 4 8:23
Total 35:26

I'll start my training Sunday with the Hal Higdon Program to go sub 2 at the Tom King. It looks like a good program for running and strength training together. If someone knows another program that alternates running and strength training please let me know.


Missy said...

Yeah for Tom King. If I can get off my ass, I'll be there too. Damn, I really would love a picture of the lady with the umbrella hat!!!

TJ said...

We got heaps of rain down here last week. I got caught out in it on one run. Maybe I'll take a garbage bag with me next time. LOL!

Wes said...

Ha! I am looking at Hal's intermediate program for a sub-2 at ING Georgia. Coinky-dink? I think not ;-)

I'm admittedly worried about trying to run for two months while doing this P90X stuff though.

So I was going to ask you what you thought about running while doing P90X...

p.s. I added you as a friend on facebook. Feel free to drop me a line if that's a better way to communicate.

Holly Jane said...

Your runs are speedy!! You will EASILY sub-2 at TK.