Sunday, January 18, 2009


I haven't had time to blog lately what with work, working out, and working on tiling the floors. All of the tiles are laid diagonally so there are a lot of difficult cuts. Some of the tiles have to be cut 2 or 3 times. It's tedious work and neither Michele or I have ever laid tile before.

Got in a 90 minute run today OUTSIDE. Suppose to run it yesterday but worked on the floor all day and hoped the weather would cooperate so I could do the run outside and not at the old folks indoor track again. Ran the first 60 minutes slow and then picked up to race pace for the last 30 minutes. That was tough. I've never done that before. That adds a new level of discipline to the run. Managed to get in 9 miles in the 90 minutes even though I stopped and took pics and played with the dogs during the slow part of the run. The pic to the left is an open lot in a neighborhood next to ours. It's called Creekside Manor but I've never seen a creek. So today I took off across the field in search of
the creek that I figured surely must be just beyond the trees. I

had to be careful where I stepped because those little piles of stuff are cow patties. Just before the trees is a mostly dried up pond, but there is no creek anywhere. I ran back into the trees and still no creek. Ran down the tree line to the road and still no creek.

Well there's no creek, but there is a cemetery. So we call this neighborhood Graveside Manor instead of Creedside Manor.

Running on the indoor track is loads of fun. People can be so inconsiderate I have to laugh. Fat people walk 3 and 4 side by side. One day a teenager was running in the opposite direction from everyone else. He ran 4-5 laps and quit. What he hell was he thinking. The outside lane is the running lane as posted on the rules sign, but walkers don't care or respect that. If someones shoe comes untied they go to the runner's lane to retie it. How dangerous is that? Duh, my shoe's untied. I'll go to the fast lane to retie it. People will stand in the runner's lane and have conversation with people that aren't on the track. I stomped and swerved past a lady 3 times the other day and she didn't get the message to "get the hell out of the way". One guy stood in the corner, which is in the outside lane, warming up by doing helicopters with his arms flinging side to side, and around and around. Walking is warming up for God's sake. When he finally began to walk he meandered along talking on his cell phone. In all there have been only 2 people on the track that I would consider actually getting a workout. Oh well, I'm glad its there, and I'll probably be back on it tomorrow.


Missy said...

Oblivious morons, the world is filled with them. Get the eff out of the way for crying out loud! My word verification is floss...ha!

kmholt7 said...

I used to run on that track regularly and always ended up mad because of the same issues. I pretty much avoid it like the plague now.