Monday, January 5, 2009


Got in from work today still feeling crappy but knew I had to run. It was suppose to be a hill day but since I didn't run the scheduled 3 miles yesterday I thought I would do it today and run at half marathon race pace. Since I felt like crap I thought a power nap might help. Big mistake. I got less than a mile into the run and it began to rain. Nothing like 40 degrees, rain, and feeling like crap.

Mile 1 9:29

Mile 2 8:40

Mile 3 8:27

Total 26:34

Average pace 8:52

I was listening to a sports talk station today and the host asked the question, "If you had a man crush on an athlete who would it be?" He said that this is not a gay thing, not that there's anything wrong with that, but he wanted to know who men had the hots for. No female athlete answers allowed.

He can claim "this is not a gay thing" but this was too gay for me.

Men were actually calling in and telling this guy who they had man crushes on. There was Tom Brady, Lance Armstrong, and one guy even said Colt McCoy because he is so cute. Makes me want to puke.

I told a friend about the conversation. It went something like this.

I said, "There was this idiot host that wanted men to call in and tell him what athletes they have a man crush on."

He said, "That sounds gay as hell."

"I thought so too."

He asked, "Who do you like."

"I don't f*cking like male athletes like that I'm not gay. I have some athletes over the years that I liked but MAN CRUSH-----HELL NO!!!!"

"Who do you like?"

"Well, I like Bret Farve. In fact I think the numerical system should be changed in honor of him. You know, one, two, three, FARVE, five........"

"Who else do you like?"

"When I was a kid, Mickey Mantle, Joe Namath, Paul Hornung, and now Derek Jeter, and of course Bret Farve."

He says, "Interesting."

"What's so damn interesting?"

"Those are all good looking guys."



Missy said...

Oh, c'mon, a man crush a bromance, what's the difference? There's lots of hot female athletes but I wouldn't DO them:)

Lisa said...

That is too funny!

Jill said...

I would move (slowly) away from that Dude. He might be doing my neighbors. Seriously. I've never known a man to have a "man crush." Unless...they are a little ensie bit gay.

Don't be turning your back on that guy...whew.