Sunday, March 15, 2009


Official time 1:53:43

Up at 6 yesterday to get ready for the sub 2. Michele and I leave the house and get about 10 minutes out and she asked "Your not going to wear your Garmin?" OH CRAP!!!! I've left it at home. Laid it on top of my wallet and phone so I wouldn't forget it. So I forgot all 3. I've not ran without the Garmin in forever. Michele let me wear her watch. Good thing I had long sleeves or I'll be damned if I'd worn a women's watch.

Race started and I just fell in behind Michele and David at their pace. Was doing good until they stopped for water at mile 3. I was going to stop also until some idiot at the last second cut me off, tripped me up, and I stumbled right past the stand so I kept going. From then on I was trying to do the math in my head.

Long story short, no problems, and I finished strong. Actually left some on the course.

Next plan is P90X but I'm including running days and have made my own training program.


David said...

Congrats! You did super yesterday under less than ideal conditions!

Jill said...

You did SUPER! I knew you would whip some ass... And, like I said as we were walking up the tunnel...what is next? I sure hope you don't stop have a lot of potential and it would be great to have you out there with all us nuts.


Missy said...

Congrats on was a crappy day out there. And you made it with a chick watch.

Lana said...

Ronnie - you blew it out of the water!!! GREAT JOB!!!