Monday, March 16, 2009


Yes you haven't peed until you P90X'ed. Today was up at 5 for the Chest & Back followed by Ab Ripper. The Chest & Back is push up.....pull ups.....push ups....pull ups. Everything is supersetted. Very little rest between sets. I kept my push ups at a max of 15 and pull ups at 10 just so I wouldn't get to sore. Various forms of push ups and various grips of pull ups are used. Whole thing is none stop for an hour and after an hour I'm cooked and I don't think I could have done another push up.

After an hour its time for Ab Ripper. Core strengthening to the max. 25 reps of 11 different moves. I hang with the first 3 moves then I can't keep up.

Tomorrow a long run is on the training schedule. It won't be to long maybe just 5 miles. Legs still sore from the Tom King.

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Missy said...

OH, I've peed alright...