Friday, November 28, 2008


Did the 4 miles this morning.
mile 1: 9:45
mile 2: 9:09
mile 3: 9:27
mile 4: 9:29
Total 37:53

Uneventful run except for the new, barkie, pug puppy. I stopped to pet him but he wouldn't let me. He just kept barking.

I awaken this morning a little after 3:00. Someone had farted and it was soooo bad it woke me from a dead sleep. Michele claimed this morning it wasn't her and blamed Peyton (our dog). The problem with this claim is that the smell lingered and I couldn't go back to sleep. So I got up to check on the kids. Peyton was sleeping with them. I told her this and she said that I must have done it. I was asleep, so is it possible to fart while sleeping?

I stopped at a convenience store today that I stop at often to get a drink. Got my drink and fell in line behind a girl with flaming pink and purple hair. She paid for her drink and fried potato wedge, walked out, and got into a car that I swear must have been painted with a spray can with multiple colors. I said to the sales clerk, "I wander if the same person that painted her car painted her hair." We laughed, I paid, then went out and got in my car. Then I noticed the girl in line behind me went out and got into the car with the potato wedge girl. It's really difficult being a smart ass.

No workout tomorrow. Golf is planned. Isn't golf part of cross training?


Holly Jane said...

LOLOLOL. Michele, was that an iron fart??? Ronnie now you are seeing the full effects of being married to an ironman!

Michele said...

He who smelt it dealt it!!!!

Missy said...

It's kind of like the snort that wakes you up and YOU say, I'm not snoring:) Got to defend Ironfart, I mean IronMichele!

Eric said...

If you ask my wife she would say yes. I don't know if I ever have done that yet. Too funny.

Jill said...

OMG!!! You are hilarious. But, if I was IronMichele...I'd KILL you over this post. Glad she is taking it all in strides and thanks for making me laugh- I so need it.

PS A little "Hal Higdon" training will get you a sub 2 1/2 at CMM!!

Wes said...

I shared a room with three other guys in the Army in Germany. I can state unequivocally, after a night on the strauss, 4 guys could fill a room with noxious gases in their sleep. You could almost cut it with a knife. Gross!!! :-)